Investment Opportunities

Celebrity Tan is growing at a rapid rate and offers several investment opportunities from buying into a franchise that you own and operate, to investing into a franchise that Celebrity Tan manages. Each situation is unique to the investor who will work with our development team to determine the "best fit" investment opportunity. Celebrity Tan is now offering franchising opportunities to bring our world class tanning salon or spa to your area. We offer several store concepts, sizes, finishes, a broad equipment selection, products, and sales and management training and support to fit your business model. Celebrity Tan works directly with potential franchisees to develop and construct a store that meets their budget while maintaining our quality and safety standards. Prior to opening a new store, franchisees will work with our marketing department on promotions and ongoing advertising support. Celebrity Tan offers franchisee support with advertising, health and safety, human resources, employee training, management training, product and general business support to build a strong and successful franchise. If you already own and operate a salon(s) and want to join the Celebrity Tan family, your store can be converted into a Celebrity Tan by our development team. Existing store owners will work with our development team to convert your store into a Celebrity Tan salon. Please fill in the following fields and someone from the Celebrity Tan development team will contact you.

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General Notice: Any information submitted on this site is held in confidence and used strictly for the purpose of starting a business relationship with Celebrity Tan. The information provided on this site is for general information only and does not imply or extend an offer from Celebrity Tan to become a franchisee and/or partner to those who access this information or submit an inquiry. Once your information is received, Celebrity Tan development staff will contact you to discuss any investment opportunities in your area.